Weed Mat Installation

Once your tree has been properly planted and pruned it is time to install the weed mat provided in the “tree planting kit.”

The weed mat provides another advantage by reducing weed competition for the crucial early years of the tree establishment. Slide the top of the tree through the perforated ‘X’ in the weed mat and carefully lower the weed mat over the seedling, making sure the shiny side of the mat is facing up.

Place the weed mat on the ground and fold the each corner of the mat under. Start with one corner of the mat and place a stake in the ground, angling slightly away from the tree to keep the weed mat taut.

Move in a clockwise or counterclockwise rotation to the next corner stretching the weed mat taut and place a second stake. Repeat these steps until all four corners have been staked to the ground, then install the remaining four stakes on each side of the mat halfway between the corner stakes.