Plant and Care for My Tree

  1. Dig a hole two to three times wider than the container and about the same depth as the container, with sloping sides to allow for proper root growth.
  2. Rough up the edges of the hole to promote good root growth into the ground.
  3. Break up any soil clumps in the hole to prevent air pockets.
  4. Carefully remove the tree from the container, keeping the soil around the roots intact.
  5. Set the tree in the middle of the hole. Position tree depth so the bud union is just above the ground. Since the tree will settle with the first rain, compensate by raising it 1 extra inch now.
  6. Secure the tree in the hole and fill the hole with the original soil, packing it to ensure there are no air pockets. Backfill until the soil is just below the root collar.

Once the weed mat has been installed it’s time for tree protector—provided in the “tree planting kit”—installation. Tree protectors are essential in ensuring your tree-plot investment is not lost by damage from whitetails and other wildlife.

First, locate the pre-hole rod, included in the “tree planting kit,” and use a hammer to drive the rod into the ground about 12 inches. Make sure the hole is 2.5 to 3 inches from the base of the tree on the prevailing-wind side of the tree. Once your hole has been established place the 5-foot PVC stake into the hole. Using the drive sleeve provided in the “tree planting kit,” drive the stake into the ground until it’s secured.

Next, locate the tree protector, included in the “tree planting kit,” and gently slide it over the top of the tree, being careful not to damage leaves or stems on the tree. Slide the tree protector all the way to the ground, and use two provided zip ties to tie the tree protector to the stake. Each tree protector has pre-cut holes where the zip ties should be secured to the PVC stake.